Welcome to the Swedish Aeronautical Research Center

The Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC) has been created to encourage national coordination and alignment of academic research in aeronautics, in response to globalization with increased international competition and also collaboration.

SARC will stimulate basic research in aeronautics, and act as an academic counterpart to industry, to ensure a balance between industrial and academic interests. SARC will act as an academic hub and network for aeronautics through e.g. a graduate school for Ph.D. students, organizing seminars and conferences, and as a meeting place for academia and industry. It will also actively encourage and facilitate collaboration with strategic international partners.

Research projects in collaboration with Brazilian researchers that have support from NFFP or Vinnova will be an important part of the center as part of the national strategies of governments from both Sweden and Brazil. SARC should be an important actor in the development of this strategy. Research collaboration with other prioritized countries can also be included in the center in a similar way.
Please find below a comprehensive overview of the four SARC divisions.


Research is the core of SARC, dealing with the national and international research, collaborations, industry cooperation and independent research

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A Postgraduate Research School for all Swedish Ph.D. Students within the Aerospace Sector / NFFP Research Projects

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SARCs intention is to intensify international research relations with strategic partner countries. SARC acts as a central office for participants searching for contacts for future collaborations and research applications.

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