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SARC.Academy Presentation

The SARC. Ph.D. Academy is one part of the Swedish Academic Research Center. The host of the academy is Linköping University.

Purpose and Goals

The SARC.Academy research school serves to provide courses of high standard to Ph.D. students within the SARC Academy. It also serves to create a network of primarily the PhD students active in NFFP projects, in preparation for their future as professionals in the aerospace sector. The SARC.Academy education program offers a range of course from basic to high-level specialist courses closer to topics of Ph.D. candidates research fields. The courses are held either by SARC center members of the contributing universities and research organizations, or by internationally recognized experts. The ARC.Academy encourage international networks and some of the courses may be given abroad to have international participation, both of Ph.D. students and of senior researchers as instructors.

The SARC.Academy Students

Every Ph.D. student active in an Innovair/Vinnova-founded NFFP research program is automatically a member of the SARC.Academy. Students without relation to NFFP or coming from other fields can also participate (subject to availability. Course fees may apply). The courses are free of charge for Ph.D. students within an ongoing NFFP research project.

The Annual SARC.Academy Conference

To share progress and outcomes of the various research programs within the NFFP and to pave way to collaborations that may lead to new projects, proposals and publications, an annual Ph.D. Conference is being arranged. To tighten international relations the conference can be arranged outside Sweden in cooperation with strategic partner countries. Together with the SARC.Academy also other conference, courses and lectures might be held. It is expected that every NFFP project is being presented at the SARC.Academy conference. To enable valuable feedback, industrial representatives from the aerospace sector and academic staff from universities will attend these events.  


SARC.Education has a supportive role undergraduate aeronautics/aerospace education. By collaboration sharing the educational problems, challenges, and solutions the target of any stakeholder is to produce engineers of high quality to the aerospace industry. The goals of SARC.Education are to promote education quality, enable a closer collaboration between universities and their study programmes (e.g. with shared courses) and give support to universities to introduce new aeronautic/aerospace education programmes. In order to set up the educational programmes in the best way, a close dialogue with the aerospace industry is needed to align the education for the future needs within aeronautics/aerospace. SARC.Education will also act to encourage and facilitate international exchange of students in the aeronautics area.

Current National Aeronautic Study Programmes

The following aeronautic study programmes are currently offered in Sweden (sorted by relevance): The following aerospace study programmes are being offered in Sweden: