SARC Timeline

We started young and stay inquisitive

How it started


The SAAB Gripen contract with Brazil

The SAAB Gripen contract with Brazil including aeronautical technology transfer set needs for a tighter academia-industry relationship and enhances the importance of international collaborations.


Professors of Aero-nautics at ITA / CISB

To tighten the Brazilian-Swedish collaborations within aeronautical research, three Swedish aeronautic professors Petter Krus (LiU), Dan Henningson (KTH) and Tomas Grönstedt (Chalmers) get the endowed Chair at ITA in honour of the Peter Wallenberg Stiftelse.


First Center Foundation Work

First ideas within INNOVAIR for a national aeronautical research organization as a complement to industry were formulated.

SARC is born...

Everybody has to prepare before take-off, also SARC. Basic ideas and the foundation were actually already established within the Swedish aviation sector before SARC was born. Read more about this exciting times below.


Industrial Cluster Leads

The establishment of fifteen industrial competence clusters within aeronautics (with cluster leads from GKN and Saab AB) strengthens the need for an academic complement.


Center preparation work

Center preparation work commenced. Dan Henningson, Petter Krus and Tomas Grönstedt are assigned by INNOVAIR to work out a proposal of a national aerospace research organisation/cluster. During 2017 several work meetings wear arranged at KTH, LiU, Chalmers and VINNOVA.


SARC is born!

The Swedish Aeronatics Research Center (SARC) is born! LiU principal Mrs. Helen Dannetun signed the center establishment contract at Linköping University as the host. Executive director of the first year is Dan Henningson (KTH/LiU), chairman is Anders Blom (INNOVAIR).


SARC Kick-off

SARC is presented to the public with a two-day inauguration event at Linköping to over 100 participants from academia, industry, agencies and politics.

Heading for education...

A national Graduate school within SARC, the SARC.Academy is being established in 2018.

The Current Future


Future Activities

14 SARC and the reached goals of the endowed ITA chairs are being presented (by Dan Henningson and Petter Krus) at the 7th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics, hosted by Universidade Federal de Belo Horizonte (UFMG) in connection with the ICAS 2918 congress. First ideas of a Brazilian SARC (BARC) were triggered by this event.


INNOVAIR General Meeting 2018

SARC is being presented on INNOVAIRs annual general meeting (by Ingo Staack) at Saab, Linköping. Industrial representatives back the idea of strengthening the dialogue between education entities and industrial actors.

October 2018

SARC.Academy commenced operation

The first SARC graduate school event is being announced! The first S4 “SARC Short Summer School” will be held on 18-22 March in Florianopolis, Brazil. Teacher of the first SARC course is the well-known international scientist Daniel P. Raymer; the title of the course is “Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach”.